Department Vision

To be a Department of Excellence in Civil Engineering Education and Research for Sustainable Infrastructure Development.

Department Mission

Provide Quality Education in Civil Engineering and Mould Committed and Competent Civil Engineers Capable of Contributing to Socio-Economic Well-being of the Nation.

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M.Tech (Water Resources & Hydroinformatics)

Vision of the Programme

To become a centre of excellence in Water Resources and Hydroinformatics that shall have National and International Collaborations

Mission of the Programme

To provide quality education in Water Resources and Hydroinformatics so as to cater the need for Engineering Professionals in other water resources infrastructure development and management  programmes such as  implementation of National Water Policy and the like

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1.   To satisfy the requirement of water resource professionals for the implementation of imminent National Water Policy which has major objectives as “(i) Resource planning for providing maximum availability of water; (ii) Regulate exploitation of groundwater (iii) Setting water allocation priorities in the following order: Drinking water, Irrigation, Hydropower, and other uses”

2.  To cater the need of GIS professionals in different fields of engineering, especially in the implementation of imminent National Water Policy that has another objective as: “establishing a standardized national information system with a network of data banks and databases.

3.      To meet the faculty requirement of the Civil Engineering Educational System with skilled personnel who have been trained with the capability in GIS based planning, as the working platform for any Civil Engineering Planning will become GIS in the near future.

4.    To plug in the lacuna of engineering professionals with high-end computing and problem solving capability including both hard and soft computing, to meet the challenges of competitive global market with confidence.

5.  To inculcate professional ethics and code of professional practice so that they become committed, loyal and trustworthy engineers who are capable of assessing the economic consequences of  different engineering solutions for the benefits of common man

6.   To foster the progressive-learning attitude and passion for knowledge so as to transform them into good researchers and hence to play a critical role in addressing global objectives for a sustainable environment.