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Central Library

The library has more than 60,000 books and back volume Journals. It is fully automated and Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is available to students and staff. The Central library will remain open from 10 AM to 5 PM on all working days. For part time students the function on Wednesdays is up to 6 PM. Circulation Status: Approximately 40 to 50 thousand books are being borrowed by the readers annually. More or less similar number of books is referred or consulted by the readers in the Central Library. Reference Section: A. A collection of 10,000 books on technology and 20,00 back volumes of journals are available in the library for reference. College Library is subscribing national and International Journals in various branches of engineering. In addition to this college library receives 45periodical publications as free of cost. Books and Journals will not be permitted to take out from the reference section. Reprographic facility at concessional rate is available to readers.

Identity Card is compulsory for using the Library facilities. Students and Staff are required to enter their names and reference details in the register kept in the reference section for that purpose. B. Dr. R.P.R. Nair, Educational Trust Reference Library-contributed by old studentsDr. R.P. Rajagopalan Nair, who retired as post graduate professor in Civil Engineering Department, in 1988. C. Electronic Journals: Government Engineering College, Thrissur began to subscribe electronic journals to Faculty, Staff and Students in collaboration with the INDEST consortia. We will get electronic journals, supplied through INDEST and from other publishers including Science Direct. Sufficient number of nodes will be provided in the Central Library after discussions with the Officers, who are assigned the project. The following e-journals under AICTE-INDEST schemes are now available for use of the college staff and students: 1. IEL – 1 user 2. ASME 3. SD Chemical & Biotech 4. DEL 5. SD-CE 6. SD(EE,EC,CS,IT) 7. ASCE for details regarding methods of access, please visit htlg://panlit.litd.ac.in/indest/ and follow the user guide/help menu. D. Internet Facility Students and Staff can browse the Internet from the library free for their educational and research purposes.

List of Journals

ASCEASMEIEL OnlineScience Direct
International Journal of Geomechanics Applied Mechanics Reviews Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing Newsletter, IEEE Solid-State Electronics
Journal of Aerospace Engineering Journal of Applied Mechanics Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, IEEE Control Engineering Practice
Journal of Architectural Engineering Journal of Biomechanical Engineering Aerospace and Electronic Systems, IEEE Transactions on Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies
Journal of Bridge Engineering Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics Antennas and Propagation Magazine, IEEE Engineering Failure Analysis
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