Department Vision

To be a Department of Excellence in Civil Engineering Education and Research for Sustainable Infrastructure Development.

Department Mission

Provide Quality Education in Civil Engineering and Mould Committed and Competent Civil Engineers Capable of Contributing to Socio-Economic Well-being of the Nation.

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University Results

2021 Admissions

            S1 results Dec 2021

2020 Admissions

           S3 results

           S2 results July 2021

           S1 results

2019 Admissions

            S5 results

            S4 results – July 2021

            S3 results

            S2 results

            S1 results

2018 Admissions

            S8 results – June 2022

            S7 results – Dec 2021

2020 results

            S8 A batch

            S8 B batch

2016 Admissions

            S2 results

2015 Admissions

             S4 results

             S2 results

             S1 results

2014 Admissions

             S4 results

2013 Admissions