Live Tenders/Quotations


Tender Notice: D2/44/22-23 dated 24.09.22 Reference No. D2/7129/21/GETCR 

Tenders invited for the Supply and fixing of White board and Green Boards in Civil Department

Last Date  14-Oct-2022 12:00 PM

Tender Notice

No: D1/7803/22/GETCR  dated 22/09/2022

Gypsum Partition in Electrical Engg PG Class room

Last Date   07.10.22

Quotation Notice

E Tender Notice: D1/41/22-23 dated 19.09.22 Reference No. D1/6968/21/GETCR 

Purchase of Hand Held Solar Shade Analyzer and
Solar PV Curve Tracer

Last Date  11-Oct-2022 02:00 PM


No: D1/6584/22/GETCR   

Procurement of Electronics Components

Last Date   29.09.22


Quotation Extension Notices

 Chemicals for Chemistry Lab

Glassware for Chemistry Lab

Minor Lab Equipments

Old Tenders