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To be a Department of Excellence in Civil Engineering Education and Research for Sustainable Infrastructure Development.

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Provide Quality Education in Civil Engineering and Mould Committed and Competent Civil Engineers Capable of Contributing to Socio-Economic Well-being of the Nation.

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The 4th Edition of the Civil Techfest organized by the student’s chapter at GEC Thrissur marked a new beginning for civil engineering after the pandemic

Concetto’23 was the product of the efforts of students and teachers of the civil engineering department at GEC Thrissur that seeks to keep up the legacy of the tech-fest held in the past. The 4th edition of the civil tech-fest marked a new beginning for students of the department as they were able to witness the capacity of the department in various colours and vibes. 

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The Department of Civil Engineering arranged a programme on March 22nd 2019, in accordance with the World Water Day Programme, for UG and PG students.





Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), ISRO, Dehradun, has   conducted   an Outreach Program on Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Carbon Forestry from 16.02.2017 to 10.03.2017





Expert Lecture by Dr. Pascaline Pre., Professor, Dept. of Energy Systems and Environment, IMT Atlantique, Nantes, France

Date: 26-02-2018; Time: 10 AM

Prof. Pascaline Pre

Invited Talks

  • Dr. Suresh Balia, Prof. IIT Delhi; Date: 5/3/2018
  • Dr. Arun Kumar, Prof. IIT Delhi; Date: march 2018
  • Dr. B.S. Murthy, Prof. IIT Madras; Date: 26.03.2018
  • DR. Sudheesh T.K., IIT PALAKKAD; Date: April 2018
  • Sri.Pradeep Kumar &Team, PROFESSIONAL ACADEMY; Date: 17.03.2018


The biennial International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science & Technology (ICETEST 2018) under the main  theme ‘Society, Energy and Environment’, was held from 18th to 20th January 2018 and the main conference theme is ‘Society, Energy and Environment’.


Concetto 2017

CONCETTO’17 was a technical fest which was conducted under the banner of Indian Concrete Institute Students’ chapter in the department of Civil Engineering, at Government Engineering College, Thrissur. It provided unique opportunities to students where the budding engineers could come across with many innovative ideas that made them to bring out the best in them as perfect engineers. The event was conducted from 23rd February to 27th February, 2017. The details of the event are as follows.


CONCETTO’17 was inaugurated by the renowned personality, the great legend, the Metro Man, Padma Vibhushan Dr. E. Sreedaran. The inaugural ceremony was held in the auditorium at Government Engineering College, Thrissur on 23rd February, 2017 at 4:00 pm. Everyone had a feeling of being blessed by the words of the great Metro Man.

  Concetto1Prof. Rajagopal, former faculty of Dept. of Civil Engineering, GEC Thrissur, introducing the chief guest Padmavibhushan Dr. E. Sreedharan to the gathering  



       Padmavibhushan Dr. E. Sreedharan inaugurating Concetto ‘17



Expert talks were arranged as part of CONCETTO’17 in the seminar hall of Civil Engineering department on 24th February, 2017. The talks were on the topics ‘Project Management’ and ‘Challenges in Vertical growth’. The sessions were taken by Sri.Jayaprakash Narayanan.A.R, who is currently working as the Managing Director of Jayaprakash and Prakash Constructions(P) Ltd and Sri.D.Ajith, who is the Managing Partner of Habitat, Palakkad.


Sri. D. Ajith, Managing partner of Habitat Palakkad, on ‘Challenges in Vertical growth’


The talks mainly aimed at development of students’ knowledge regarding both technical as well as general aspects that, one will always have to encounter in practical life.


Day 3 of CONCETTO’17 had set up really a colourful environment and atmosphere-Alumni meet; on 25th February, 2017. The alumni of Civil Engineering department were invited to visit college again and the could recollect many of their sweet memories attached to the premises and atmosphere of our college and department through this program. Cultural programmes were also arranged at the end of the day.


Meeting with Alumni


Alumni Nite


CONCETTO’17 introduced many events both technical as well as general that made all of the students really enthusiastic towards the wonders of technical knowledge.

The details of the events are as follows.


In this event, the smartness and time management skills of participants were tested. The efficiency of teamwork was also examined, along with that, the decision making skills were also evaluated. They had to make the best from what they had been given in shortest time.

Cash prize worth Rs.11000/- was awarded to the winners.


This was an event where the photographic skills of participants were evaluated. Participants had to take and submit stunning photographs on a specified topic. The selected students had to present the concept behind that picture too.

Cash prize worth Rs.8000/- was awarded to the winners.


This was an adventurous treasure hunt like never before. Here the participants had to run against time for the treasure while catering to their mystically queer thoughts and ideas.

Cash prize was Rs.13000/-


This event evaluated the speed and accuracy of students in making scaffoldings. Winners bagged cash prize worth Rs.10000/-


This was a general event that examined the drawing skills of participants. They had to submit hand-drawn pictures based on the topic ‘Wonders of the world’.

Cash prize worth Rs.3000/- was awarded to the winners.


This event aimed at evaluating the strength and stability of the arches. The dimensions of the arch to be constructed were specified and the arch of given dimensions that took maximum load was declared to be the best.

Cash prize for the event was Rs.10000/-.


This event tested the reinforcement providing abilities of participants. This event is of very high significance since reinforcement design is considered as one of the most challenging aspects in structural design. Cash prize was Rs.11000/- for this event.


Load test on arch models





This was the event of prime importance in CONCETTO’17. Event zero implies zero wastage or zero loss. This was a platform where the students got an opportunity to design as per their choice, keeping the concept of sustainable engineering in mind. Cash prize worth Rs.12000/- was awarded to the winners.


This event tested the knowledge of participants in AutoCAD. The one who completed the most detailed drawings in the given time and with high accuracy bagged the prize worth Rs.8000/-


It was a paper presentation event. The participants had to send an abstract on any one of the specified topics and the selected people had to present detailed paper on their topic later.

Cash prize was Rs.8000/-  for this event.


This was a chance for the participants to cast concrete cubes of size 15cm x 15cm x 15cm, having the seven day strength approximately equal to 30 N/mm2. The team with cubes having minimum deviation in the characteristic strength was declared to be the winners. Cash prize was Rs.10000/-.


This event provided an excellent opportunity to the participants where they had to bring out the best in them by taking up the challenge of building a bridge with popsicles. The bridge that took the maximum load was declared as best. Cash prize worth Rs.8000/- was awarded to the winners.


As part of CONCETTO’17, online photography contest was conducted. The participants had to submit the photographs captured by them on the topic ‘Environment and me’. Those photographs were then evaluated based on criteria like number of facebook likes, caption and judges’ ratings.

Winners had bagged cash prize worth Rs.6000/-


This was an online treasure hunt event like never before, which created histories.

Lock out phase 1 was started on 14th February,2017. We could see a tremendous participation in the event, including more than 40,000 attempts. This event was a huge success. Cash prize was Rs.7000/-.


A workshop on ‘Concrete Mix Proportion’ was conducted as part of CONCETTO’17 on 11th February 2017 in the auditorium of Government Engineering College, Thrissur, in which sessions were taken by experts from Ultratech Cement Ltd. The workshop aimed at educating participants regarding concrete construction processes, advancements in concrete technology and concrete mix design.


World Water Day Celebrations

The Department of Civil Engineering arranged a talk about “WATER CONSERVATION” on March 22nd 2017 for UG and PG students, in connection with the World Water Day Programme,  under Visiting Faculty Program at 2 pm in Eastern Amphy, GECT. Smt. Bindhu V, Assistant Director, Kerala State Land Use Board (KSLUB) was the chief guest. The welcome speech was delivered by Prof. Reeba Thomas, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering.

Smt. Bindhu touched upon the importance of saving water in the right way. She stressed that, most of our riverine structures were constructed without knowing the biodiversity of our state. She added that Kerala is with high level of topographical variation, the condition is very complex and need careful planning which requires analysis and study of water resources from the origin to outlet, details about existing structures etc. She gave interesting information about various watershed management within Kerala, its features and planning and estimation details. She talked about watersheds and its management. She added that watersheds are distributed not only between panchayath but also in different districts and states. So while planning any work related to a watershed, we should first be aware about its origin and its behavior in different places. Due to biodiversity in our country, one plan applied to a place cannot be applicable for all places. Due to this it’s very hard to do projects when funds were allotted on panchayath base.

  waterday1Smt. Bindhu V, Assistant Director, Kerala State Land Use Board addressing the audience  


  waterday2Oath taking ceremony followed by balloon release