Nodal Centre for Robotics and AI (NCRAI)



NCRAI is being established at Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur with the following objectives:

● To facilitate frontline research in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

● To organize training and skill development programmes for technical institutes in the field of Robotics and AI.

● To develop new products and solutions to the industry.

Major Equipments Details


Specialized Equipment Name



Equipments Details







Make : Robosense,
16 Channel Laser
 Field Of View 300 Elevation                        
0-360 Degree Azimuth
Range 150m


Campus Mapping For Navigation Of Self Driving Cars


Dual Arm Collaborative Robot


Make : Aubo I5
No. of Arms: 2
Degrees Of Freedom 6
Gripper Pneumatic
Collaborative Robot
ROS Enabled      

Manufacturing Automation

Workstation  Computer


Intel Xeon Workstation with NVDIA Quadro P4000 GPU


For  AI based research



Mechanical  Workshop



Lathe, Drilling Machine Hand Tools


General works


Electronic  Items



Sensors and Actuators , Variable power supply


General works




All  Terrain Vehicle


For Vehicle Automation  Studies


3D camera

Intel Realsence  SR300, D435, Kinect V1, Kinect V2

For computer vision research


Funded Research projects:

● Cancer Detection Research Fund from Bio informatics Division, Ministry of Information Technology Govt. Of India, Rs 16 Lakh Project status : Completed in 2022.

● MODROB funding from AICTE Rs 17.1 Lakh for purchasing Single arm collaborative robot –
Completed in 2022

● Coconut Development Board Funding of 2.2 Lakh rupees for the Development of Coconut climbing machine – Completed in 2018.

● Development of Firefighting Drone – MSME Idea Hackathon – 4.5 Lakhs – Proposed.

● Development of Human – Wildlife conflict avoiding Drone – MSME Idea Hackathon – 5 Lakhs –

● Development of Glass Facade Cleaning Robot – MSME Idea Hackathon – 4 Lakhs – Proposed.

● Robotics development Center – Mini Industrial Unit – 30 Lakhs – Proposed.

Institute – Institute Interaction

● Development of Intelligent Pineapple Harvester – In collaboration with Kerala Agricultural University – Ongoing.
● Development of Black Pepper Harvester – In collaboration with Kerala Agricultural University – Completed in 2022.

Industry -Institute Interaction

● Development of Machine learning based Automated thermistor sorting machine to detect manufacturing defects – For Nila Tech Pvt. Ltd. – Ongoing.


Students Projects

● Developed Autonomous Drone capable of target detection and payload dropping for a National level competition conducted by SAE India. The developed drone secured first price for “Target identification” event.

● Implementation Of Voice-Assisted Collaborative Robot Assembly With Object identification In a Production Line.

● Conversion Of a Quad Bike To An Autonomous vehicle.

● Design, fabrication and analysis of Delta parallel robot 

● Thrust improvisation of a electric driven fan with an afterburner.

● Prediction of surface roughness using machine learning of vibration signals during turning operation.

● Self centering of a lathe chuck using computer vision.

● Defect identification of thermistors in manufacturing line.




● Published 5 papers in International conference “ADVANCES IN DESIGN, MATERIALS, MANUFACTURING AND SURFACE ENGINEERING FOR MOBILITY” conducted by Society of Automotive Engineers, India. One paper received best paper award in a stream.

1. S, A., Robin, A., Sadique, A., and P P, L., “Comparative Study of a Manual and Voice-Assisted Collaborative Robot Workforce in Production Assembly Lines,” SAE Technical Paper 2022-28-0542, 2022.

2. K, S., Menon, N., Sadique, A., and P P, L., “Sensor Fusion, Mapping, Localization and Calibration of a Converted Autonomous Quad Bike,” SAE Technical Paper 2022-28-0561, 2022.

3. H Seby, AS George, A Sadique, PP Lalu, ”Implementation Of Voice-Assisted Collaborative Robot Assembly With Object Identification In A Production Line,” SAE Technical Paper 2022-28-0589, 2022.

4. TC Sedwin, MA Jayakrishnan, PP Lalu, A Sadique , “Conversion Of A Quad Bike To An Autonomous vehicle And Perfomance Assesment” SAE Technical Paper 2022-28-0590, 2022.

5. Boby, A. and Sadique, A., “Performance Assessment Of An Electric Ducted Fan With Afterburner.,” SAE Technical Paper 2022-28-0562, 2022.