Department Vision

To be a Department of Excellence in Civil Engineering Education and Research for Sustainable Infrastructure Development.

Department Mission

Provide Quality Education in Civil Engineering and Mould Committed and Competent Civil Engineers Capable of Contributing to Socio-Economic Well-being of the Nation.

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  LabBlock1LabBlock2Civil Engineering Laboratory Block  

Survey Lab

Major Equipments

  • Total Stations
  • Theodolites
  • Dumpy Levels
  • Prismatic Compasses
  • Plane Tables

Total Station: An advanced surveying equipment with integrated microprocessor,                               electronic data collector and storage system.    

  totalstationTotal Station  

 Major Exercises

  • Traversing and plotting using Surveyors chain 
  • Traversing and plotting using Prismatic compass
  • Traversing and plotting and solution of two point and three point problems using  Plane table
  • Level difference estimation and contour map preparation using Dumpy Levels
  • Angular measurements (horizontal and vertical), determination of heights and distances and setting out of curves using  Theodolites
  • Demonstration of setup and operation of Total station


Environmental Engineering Lab

Major Equipments                                                        

Highvolumesampler Gas ChromatographGas chromatograph
Used in estimation of ambient air quality parameters Used in measurement of organic compounds in gas.

 Water quality analyzer: to estimate pH, turbidity and  conductivity of water/waste water  

Digital data logging sound level meter:  for measuring decibel level of ambient noise

UV_VIS digital spectrophotometer

UV_VIS digital spectrophotometer

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Used in estimation of water/waste water quality parameters – nitrate, phospate, sulphate, iron Used for detecting chemical elements or metals


Flame photometer

Flame photometer

Digital Orbital Shaker cum Incubator

Digital Orbital Shaker cum Incubator

To estimate contents of  NA, K, Ca, Li  in water/ waste water and soil.


Used in absorption studies to find optimum quantity of adsorbent for water/waste water treatment

Experiments Conducted

  • Tests for assessment of water quality parameters such as
    • hardness
    • Chloride
    • Iron
    • Dissolved oxygen
    • BOD & COD
  • Tests using Absorption Spectrophotometerfor identification of presence of the following heavy metals
    • Cadmium
    • Lead
    • Arsenic
    • Chromium
  • Bacteriological analysis using MPN tests
  • Total Coliforms and HPC tests
  • Analysis of gaseous samples using gas chromatograph and High- Volume Sampler
  • Noise level of a system or Environment measurement using Sound Level Meter .


Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Major Equipments

Cyclic Triaxial Test Apparatus: Used in performing static and cyclic tests on soils for the determination of dynamic properties of soil under earthquake and wave loading.

Automatic Compactor: Used for accurate determination of compaction parameters of soil for road work.

Geo_1Consolidation   Geo1
 Cyclic Triaxial Testing Apparatus    Automatic Compactor

 Microprocessor controlled Load frame: Used for conducting various tests like Triaxial test, UCC test  CBR etc. Extreme low strain rates of the order of 0.001 mm/min achievable

Digital Triaxial Testing Machine: Used for accurate estimation of shear strength parameters of soil which is used in calculation of SBC of soils.

Geo5   Geo6
 Microprocessor based Load Frame    Digital Triaxial Testing Machine

 Automatic Free fall Hammer for SPT Test: Used for efficient conduction of SPT test in field.

Static Cone Penetrometer: Used in performing static cone test which is a valuable method of recording variation in the in-situ penetration of soil where in-situ density is affected by boring operation.

Digital Consolidometer: Used in studying consolidation properties of soil. The data logging as well as plotting is automated.

Automatic Free fall Hammer for SPT Test


Geo4   Geo10
Static Cone Penetrometer   Digital Consolidometer

Experiments Conducted

Tests on soils such as

  •  Grain size analysis
  • Determination of Specific gravity
  • Field density estimation
  • Atterberg limits estimation
  • Determination of Permeability coefficients
  • Consolidation tests
  • Compaction tests
  • Direct shear tests
  • UCC tests
  • Triaxial shear tests


 Transportation Engineering Lab 

Major Equipments

Transp5   Transp2
 Vertical Autoclave    Bitumen Ductility Test Apparatus


Transp1  BitumenEtractor Transp3
 Automatic compactor for Marshall sample  Bitumen Extractor  Marshall Testing Apparatus


Experiments conducted

  •  Tests on Aggregates

    • Abrasion test, Impact test, Shape test
  • Tests on Bitumen

    • Penetration test, Ductility test, softening test, Specific gravity


Strength of Materials Lab 


Major Equipments

30 T UTM  40T UTM 100 T UTM


Vickershardness Brinell Rockwell2
Vickers Hardness Testing Machine Brinell Hardness Testing Machine Rockwell Hardness testing Machine


Fatigue   Accelerometer
Fatigue Testing Machine   Accelerometers & Data Acquisition System

Experiments Conducted

  • Tests for estimation of elastic modulus
    • Tension tests on steel rods
    • Bending tests on wooden beam specimens
    • Double shear tests
    • Tests on spring specimens
    • Torsion test of steel rod and wire specimens
  • Impact tests
  • Hardness tests


Concrete Lab 


Major Equipments

  200 T Compression Testing Machine  
Acccuringtank2   Reboundhamer
Accelerated Curing Tank    NDT Equipment: Rebound Hammer

 Experiments Conducted

  • Tests on aggregates
  • Tests on cement
  • Tests on fresh concrete
  • Tests on hardened concrete
  • Tests on tiles


 CAD Lab


Hardware facilities

Desktop PC’s : 28 no’s

Software facilities

  • STAAD Pro.
  • AutoCAD 2007,2010
  • MATLAB 2010
  • Turbo C, C++ compiler 
  • Cygwin C, C++ compiler

Reprographic facilities

  • A4 and A3 printers

Major Exercises

  • Structural Analysis and Design using STAAD
  • Drafting in AutoCAD
  • Development of civil engineering application spreadsheets using MS office / Openoffice
  • Programming in MATLAB


Hydro-Informatics Lab 

  • ArcGIS : ArcGIS provides a scalable framework for implementing GIS for a single user or many users on desktops, in servers, over the Web, and in the field. ArcGIS is an integrated family of GIS software products for building a complete GIS
  ArcGISTypical imagery from ArcGIS  
  • Earth Resources Data Analysis System (ERDAS): ERDAS is a platform for working with satellite images. It provides various image processing techniques which also rectify the atmospheric and geometric distortions.
  ERDASMosaic tool pro window of ERDAS Imagine 13 and subset imagery showing the mosaic image of 5km shoreline change study area   
  • KY PIPE: Used in calculation of steady state flows and pressures for pipe distribution systems. The software accommodates any piping configuration and various hydraulic components such as pumps, valves (including check valves and regulating valves), any component or fitting which produces significant head loss (such as elbows, orifices, etc.), flow meters and storage tanks.