Live Tenders

No. D3/103/2018 Quotes invited for clearing grass and shrubs

Last date 13/02/2019

D3-103-Clearing of Shrubs and grasses

No. D3/101/2018 Quotes invited for AMC of Water Purifiers and coolers

Last date 21/02/2019

D3-101-AMC of Water Purifiers and Coolers

No. D3/98/2018 Quotes invited for Network Components for Fab Lab

Last date 12/02/2019

D3-98-Network Switches and Cables for Fab Lab

No. D3/97/2018 Quotes invited for Networking the Fab Lab

Last date 15/02/2019

D3-97 Structured Cabling at Fab Lab

No D3/91, 92, 93 /2018

Equipments and Componets for IoT Lab

Last date: 14/02/2019 4.00PM

D3-92-IoT Lab Raspberry Pi

D3-93-IoT Lab Equipments

D3-91-IoT Lab Sensors

06/PUR/CEC/GEC/2018 Quotes invited for the supply  of 5KVA UPS

Last date 04/02/2019

06-PUR-CEC-GEC-2018 Supply of 5KVA UPS

Quotations are invited for Printing Documents for “KTU Techfest ’19”

Last date: 05/02/2019 4.00PM

Document Details and Specifications

Quotations are invited for supply and distribution of food for the “KTU Techfest ’19”

Quotation Details and Specifications

No:D3/92/18-19 Quotes invited for the supply  of Raspberry Pi for IoT Lab

Last date 31/1/2019

D3-92-2018 Raspberry Pi for IoT lab

No:D3/93/18-19 Quotes invited for the supply  of IoT Devices

Last date 31/1/2019

D3-93-2018–IoT Lab

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