Live Tenders

 Quotations invited for supply of  Over current relay for EEE Department  (No: D1/61/18-19) and    Lab Equipment for Mechanical Department (D1/62/18-19) Last Date 28/12/2018

D1-61 and D1-62 Various Items

No: D3/42/18-19  Quotations invited for supply of  Table Saw for Innovation Centre

Last Date 12/12/2018

D3-42-Table Saw for Innovation Centre

No: D3/43/18-19  Quotations invited for supply of  LCD Projector for Innovation Centre

Last Date 12/12/2018 

D3-43-LCD Projector for Innovation Centre

No: D3/41/18-19  Quotations invited for supply of  Water Purifiers and Water Coolers 

Last Date 12/12/2018

D3/41/18-19 –  Water Purifiers and Water Coolers 

No: D2/51/18-19 Extension of Tender submission date – Losses due to pipe fitting apparatus

Date Extended to 06/12/2018

D2/51/18-19 – Losses due to pipe fitting apparatus

No: D2/4/18-19 Quotations invited for supply of  Wall fans.

Last date 06/12/2018

D2/4/18-19- Wall fans

No: D2/65/2018  എം സി എ ഡിപ്പാർട്മെന്റിലേക്ക് അലമാരകൾ വാങ്ങുന്നതിതിനുള്ള ദർഘാസുകൾ. അവസാന ദിനം 05/12/2018

D3-65-Storage shelves

No: D2/69/2018  പ്രൊഡക്ഷൻ എഞ്ചിനീയറിംഗ് ഡിപ്പാർട്ടമെന്റ് ലാബിലേക്ക് ഉപകാരങ്ങൾ വാങ്ങാൻ – അവസാന തിയതി 22/11/2018

 D3-69-Equipments for Production Engg

No: D2/67/2018  Quotation invited for Supply of Chlorine GAS for coming one year  Last date 12/11/2018

 D2/67/2018 Chlorine GAS

No: D3/66/2018  Quotation invited for Supply of Mother boards and SMPS  Last date  02/11/2018

 D3/66/2018 Mother board and SMPS CCF


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