Live Tenders

No: D1/41/19- 20

Sealed Tenders  are invited for the supply of Equipments /consumables.Please refer notice for further details.

Short Tender Notice

No: D1/40/2019-20

Sealed Quotations are invited for the Construction of Black boards for Mechanical Engg. Dept

Last date  24.10.2019

Short Quotation Notice

No:  D3/36/19-20

Sealed Quotations are invited for the fabrication of Storage Spaces for Staff rooms and Library of MCA Department.

Last date  24.10.2019


Short Quotation Notice

No: D2/20/19-20

Tender Extension Notice –  chemicals for Chemical Engineering Department.

Last date extended upto 24.10.2019

Tender Extension – Chemicals

No: D1/33 /2019-20

No: D1/35 /2019-20

No: D1/39/2019-20 

Quotations and Tenders  are invited for the supply of Equipments /consumables.Please refer notice for further details.

 Quotation and Tender Notice

Quotations are invited for the supply of water purifier 

Last Date 21.10.2019



No: D2/24/2019-20

Quotations are invited for the supply of materials for Civil Engineering Department

Last Date 21.10.2019

 Materials for Civil Engg

No: D2/26/19-20

Quotations are invited for consumables for Chemical Engineering Dept

Last Date 10.10.2019


No: D1/31/2019-20

Quotations are invited for the purchase of Air Conditioner for Civil & Mechanical Department

Last Date 21.10.2019

 Air Conditioner

No: D3/37/19-20

Quotations are invited for the supply and purchase of Computer consumables (RAM) for upgrading systems in MCA Lab

Last Date 03.10.2019

 Detailed Specification

No: D3/22/19-20

Quotations are invited for clearing and lifting of B mess premises and filling of waste pit and digging of new pit

Last Date 01.10.2019

No: D3/22/19-20 


Quotations are invited for the supply of materials for Civil Engg Department

Last Date 23.09.2019 

 Materials for Civil Engg Dept


Quotations are invited for the supply of apparatus for Civil Engg Department

Last Date 19.09.2019 

 Apparatus for Civil Engg Dept


Quotations are invited for the supply of materials and chemicals for Civil Engg Department

Last Date 05.09.2019 



Quotations are invited for stationary items for various Departments

Last Date 26.08.2019 

 Stationary Items


Quotations are invited for the supply of computer table and chairs for MCA Department

Last Date 22.08.2019 


Computer table & chairs

Detailed Specification


Quotations are invited for the supply of chemicals for Civil Engineering Department

Last Date 21.08.2019 




Quotations are invited for the supply of consumables for Electronics & Communication Engineering Department

Last Date 19.08.2019 

 Consumables for ECE Dept


Tenders are invited for the Operation and maintenance of Automatic Vacuum feed type chlorinator

Last Date 12.08.2019 


No: D4/06/2018-19  Quotation Extension Notice for the Supply of Library Books under book bank scheme

Last date Extended upto  24.07.2019 

Library Books- Quotation Extension

No: D4/8/19-20 Supply and Purchase of Printer to KTU Examination cell

Last Date 24.07.2019 

Purchase of Printer 

No: D4/5/2019-20 Quotation invited for 5HP Motor

Last Date 18.06.2019 

5HP Motor

No.D4/06/2018-19 Quotations invited for the supply of library books

Last Date 28.06.2019

Library books

Quotation invited for operating College Canteen and cafeteria for the coming academic year.

Last Date 29.04.2019



No. CEC/Purch Short Quotation  invited for 3 Nos of Core i7 based Laptop

Last Date 05.04.2019

 CEC-Core i7 Laptop

No. CEC/Purch Short Quotation  invited for Showcase with shelf

Last Date 29.03.2019

 CEC-Show Case

No. D4/105/2018-19 Quotations invited for Union Cutting Machine to the Hostel Mess

Last Date 11.04.2019

 No. D4/105/2018-19-Cutting Machine

No. D3/109/18-19 Quotations invited for Quad Copter Aircraft with Camera

Last Date 15.03.2019

 D3-109-Quad Copter Aircraft

E-Tender No No. D1/106/2018-19  Tenders invited for Supply of Various Testing Apparatus

E_Tender ID 2019_DTE_270849_1

No.16/PUR/CEC/GEC/2018 Quotations invited for Supply of Brunton Compass 

Last date 06.03.2019

No.16/PUR/CEC/GEC/2018 – Brunton Compass 

No.15/PUR/CEC/GEC/2018 Quotations invited for Supply of Rock/Mineral Sample Display Tray

Last date 06.03.2019

No.15/PUR/CEC/GEC/2018 –Rock/Mineral Sample Display Tray

No.07: D2/104/2018/2018 Quotations invited for the supply of High End Laptop

Last date 25/02/2019


No.07/PUR/CEC/GEC/2018 Quotations invited for Projector for Electrical Department

07/PUR/CEC/GEC/2018 -Projector for Electrical Department

No. D3/103/2018 Quotes invited for clearing grass and shrubs

Last date 13/02/2019

D3-103-Clearing of Shrubs and grasses

No. D3/101/2018 Quotes invited for AMC of Water Purifiers and coolers

Last date 21/02/2019

D3-101-AMC of Water Purifiers and Coolers

No. D3/98/2018 Quotes invited for Network Components for Fab Lab

Last date 12/02/2019

D3-98-Network Switches and Cables for Fab Lab

No. D3/97/2018 Quotes invited for Networking the Fab Lab

Last date 15/02/2019

D3-97 Structured Cabling at Fab Lab

No D3/91, 92, 93 /2018

Equipments and Componets for IoT Lab

Last date: 14/02/2019 4.00PM

D3-92-IoT Lab Raspberry Pi

D3-93-IoT Lab Equipments

D3-91-IoT Lab Sensors

06/PUR/CEC/GEC/2018 Quotes invited for the supply  of 5KVA UPS

Last date 04/02/2019

06-PUR-CEC-GEC-2018 Supply of 5KVA UPS

Quotations are invited for Printing Documents for “KTU Techfest ’19”

Last date: 05/02/2019 4.00PM

Document Details and Specifications

Quotations are invited for supply and distribution of food for the “KTU Techfest ’19”

Quotation Details and Specifications

No:D3/92/18-19 Quotes invited for the supply  of Raspberry Pi for IoT Lab

Last date 31/1/2019

D3-92-2018 Raspberry Pi for IoT lab

No:D3/93/18-19 Quotes invited for the supply  of IoT Devices

Last date 31/1/2019

D3-93-2018–IoT Lab

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