Department Vision

To become a centre of excellence and a pioneering research centre in Computer Science and Engineering.

Department Mission

To provide quality education and training to the students, through academic and research oriented activities in Computer Science and Engineering, for transforming them to committed technical personnel, which can contribute to the social and economic betterment of the society.

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Lab Facilities

The department has 6  laboratories equipped with the state-of-the-art Computing equipments like Servers, NAS, Desktops, All in Ones, Work statioins, iMac and Laptops. All the lab networked and Internet connectivity is available in all labs.
Labs in department are..

  • Programming  Lab 
  • Systems Lab
  • PG Project Lab
  • UG Project Lab
  • Hardware Lab
  • SDPK Lab

Project Lab


  • 4 Nos of Intel Xeon based Workstation with 64GB RAM, 2TB Storage and 4GB M4000 Nvidia Gforce GPU
  • 2 Nos of Intel Xeon based Workstation with 16GB RAM, 1TB Storage and 2GB Nvidia Gforce GPU


  • 8 Nos of Intel Core i7 based All in One System with 8GB RAM, 1TB Storage and 2GB Nvidia Gforce GPU
  • 5 Nos Intel Core i3/8GB/1TB 22” LED
  • 5 Nos AMD Ryzen 3 Pro 1300 Quad Core Processor 3.5Ghz 8GB RAM
  • 1 Nos Server – Intel Xeon E5/8 GB
    1TB SATA Windows 2012
  • 1 Nos of Storage Server – Intel Xeon E5/8 GB
    5TB SAS Windows Storage Server 2008
  • 1 No of 5KVA Online UPS.
  • Routers, Wireless Access points, Printer controller etc..

Systems Lab


  • 30 Nos Desktop with Intel Core i5/4GB/1TB
  • 10 Desktops with Intel Core i3/4GB/1TB


  • 10 KVA Online UPS
  • Centralized Air Conditioning



Programming Lab


  • 25 Nos of Desktops with Intel Core i5 based Desktops with 4GB RAM, 500GB Storage
  • 8 Nos of Desktops with Intel Core i3/4GB/1TB 
  • 3 Nos of Desktop with Intel Core i3/4GB/500GB.
  • 2 Nos of Desktop with Intel Core i3/4GB/500GB.
  • 1 No of 10KVA Online UPS

Hardware Lab

  • 30 Nos Intel 8086 based Microprocessor Kits.
  • 1 LAN trainer kit
  • 30 Nos of Interfacing cards (Stepper Motor, Temperature, Keyboards, Displays)
  • 10 Nos of Intel Dual Core Systems with 2GB RAM and 500GB storage for MASM
  • 1 nos 5KVA online UPS




Department Library

The department has a good library with a collection of 850 books. Department library is also providing facilities for reading e-books and journals.. Integration of ICT initiatives such as e–content sharing from QEEE and NPTEL, Ebrary, digital library and quick access to information through campus intranet and wi-fi are done to support teaching learning process

Seminar Hall

Department Seminar hall with a capacity of 90 seats is fully equipped with high end audio video facilities and Polycom VC system. The facilities available in the seminar hall is utilised for conducting the QEEE programme, Webinars by Industry and other e-outreach programmes of IITs.

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SDPK Lab is equipped with 72 Nos of Laptops and CISCO VC system.