Department Vision

To become a centre of excellence and a pioneering research centre in Computer Science and Engineering.

Department Mission

To provide quality education and training to the students, through academic and research oriented activities in Computer Science and Engineering, for transforming them to committed technical personnel, which can contribute to the social and economic betterment of the society.

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Computer Science Department Faculty and Staff

No. Name Designation Contact Details
1Dr. Salim
2Dr. Shibily JosephAssociate Professor &
3Helen K JAssociate
4Dr. Ajay JamesAssociate
5Dr. Dileesh E DAssistant
6Dr. Ezudheen PAssistant
7Rahamathulla KAssistant
8Princy Ann ThomasAssistant
9Soni P Assistant
10George MathewAssistant Professor
11Bisna N DAssistant
12Panchami V UAssistant
13Joby N JAssistant
14Umasree A KAssistant Professor (AdHoc)
15Neenu JoseAssistant Professor (AdHoc)
16Subina Thasneem P AAssistant Professor (AdHoc)
17Shehin Shams PAssistant Professor (AdHoc)
18Remya KAssistant Professor (AdHoc)
19Sakshi JainAssistant Professor (AdHoc)
20Rinju O RAssistant Professor (AdHoc)
21Premkumar M PComputer
22Abdul Jaleel PMTrade
23Bindhu KTrade
24Sajeevan C CTrade
25Sudhish A
26Renny P