Department Vision

To become a centre of excellence and a pioneering research centre in Computer Science and Engineering.

Department Mission

To provide quality education and training to the students, through academic and research oriented activities in Computer Science and Engineering, for transforming them to committed technical personnel, which can contribute to the social and economic betterment of the society.

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Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in Computer Science and Engineering. Computer Science and Engineering Department had been started in 1984. As such, this is one of the oldest departments in this field in Kerala and since its inception it has been keen in producing professionals of unmatched quality. The department started post Graduate programme in 2011 and NBA Accredited for the periods 2012-14, 2017-2020 and 2020-23. It has consistently fulfilled its role of producing Computer Engineers ready to satisfy the needs of the IT world. Read more...

        Courses Offered :