Department Vision

To make the department of Chemical Engineering a centre of excellence in Chemical Engineering and allied fields giving thrust to research and consultancy activities.

Department Mission

To provide students with unique academic foundation on which to continue developing intellectual capacity and the scholarly training needed to address complex problems in Chemical Engineering with emphasis on interdisciplinary fields.

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Supporting Staff

First grade instructor

  1. Suresh Kumar K.K. (Mechanical Engineering)
  2. Beena P. M. (Chemical Engineering)

Workshop Instructor

  1. Jalaja K.R. (Chemical Engineering)

Trade instructor

  1. Augustine Pinheiro (Mechanical Engineering)
  2. Sajeev I. V. (Chemical Engineering)
  3. Shiji Joseph (Chemical Engineering)
  4. Rajeesh P. (Chemical Engineering)


  1. Rakesh S. Nair (Chemical Engineering)
  2. Divya A. H. (Chemical Engineering)
  3. Sreeyesh K. S. (Mechanical Engineering)
  4. Vineeth (Electrician) (G)
  5. Asish K. S. (Machinist) (G)
  6. Diyon C. (Turner) (G)
  7. Shijin P. U. (Plumber) (G)