Department Vision

To make the department of Chemical Engineering a centre of excellence in Chemical Engineering and allied fields giving thrust to research and consultancy activities.

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To provide students with unique academic foundation on which to continue developing intellectual capacity and the scholarly training needed to address complex problems in Chemical Engineering with emphasis on interdisciplinary fields.

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 Chemical Engineering Workshop

The Chemical Engineering Workshop has facilities for the introductory experiments  in Chemical engineering. The  methods of synthesis of soap and bio-diesel, analysis of soap, oil, bio-diesel, and liquid fuels and estimation of density, etc. are available. 

Chemical Technology & Environmental Engineering Laboratory

clip_image001_03 The Lab has facilities for Chemical and Instrumental methods of analysis of water, oil, soap, sugar, solid, liquid and gaseous fuels etc and testing and analysis of liquid effluents and gaseous emissions. Sophisticated instruments like water analyzer, spectrophotometer, polarograph etc are also available.

Fluid and Particle Mechanics Laboratory

 The lab contains equipments for the study of fluid flow. These include centrifugal, gear and vacuum pumps, blowers, ejectors, packed bed set up, weirs and notches, free settling column, fluidization column, orifice-meter, venturi-meter and rotameter rig. clip_image003_03

Particle Technology Laboratory

clip_image004_03 The lab contains experimental setups for the study of particulate solids. These include various crushing and grinding equipments, separation techniques and methods for determining particle size distribution. Leaf filter, plate and frame filter, rotory drum filter and thickner are special attraction.

Mass Transfer Operations Laboratory

As the name indicates, this lab gives the student an experience in mass transfer operations, which are inevitable for a chemical industry. This lab is equipped with steam distillation apparatus, simple distillation apparatus, wetted wall column, spray drier, leaching units, extraction units, plate columns and models supplied by Kochi refinery etc.  clip_image006_03

Process Control Laboratory

clip_image007_03 The lab is equipped with computerized temperature and level analyzers, thermocouple analyzer, interacting and non-interacting liquid level system, digital thermocouple calibrator ,I/P and P/I converter, Cascade control system, Set up for studies on dynamics of level,temperature, mixing etc.etc.

Reaction Engineering Laboratory

The lab is equipped with plug flow reactor, mixed flow reactor, packed bed reactor, and photo-reactor. This laboratory is set up for UG students to have a understanding of reaction engineering principles. (more photo)

Heat Transfer Operations Laboratory

clip_image005_03 This lab gives the student a technical insight into the various heat transfer operations. The lab is well equipped with heat exchangers, evaporators, sudy of thermal conductivity, radiation set up, natural and forced convection setups and pilot plants. etc.

Computer Laboratory (Process Simulation Laboratory)

 The laboratory has facilities for students to have internet access. The lab is having 20 computer systems. The department has licensed software such as UNISIM, Chemcadd, Simtronics, etc.  

Research Laboratory (Process Simulation Laboratory)

The Research Laboratory has facilities for Chemical and Instrumental methods of analysis. This facility includes HPLC, GC, Rheometer, UV-vis spectrometer, fluorescence spectrometer, UTM, etc.