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Alumni Invitaation-new-17.12.17


 Dear all,

 It is the time to take a cherished walk down the  memory lane. A callback to all those years of just ambling forward and back for no apparent reason whatsoever, of living life at one’s own leisurely pace, at the ease of one’s will. A place where anything was possible, a time when anything was achievable. A glorious time in which the rashness of youth transitioned so seamlessly into the blossoming of maturity.
As GEC crosses another momentous milestone, it extends an open invitation to all those who have graced these corridors to come and celebrate its Diamond Jubilee. Come once again, to enliven your spirits, and to rekindle old memories. Take one more walk through these age old hallways, a bit more shade from the trees that so adorn this college, and a bit more pleasure in each other’s companionship once again.
As someone once wisely put into words, “Beneath this great arch, the mystery of time, mass and length unravels”. So come, and unravel the mysteries of this wonderful place. 
We have enticing things in store for you that’ll reel you back in to your college days. Get ready to witness the second installment of the dramatic spectacle ‘Oru GEC Veeragadha’ put together by our beloved faculty. The YouTube link of the first installment is provided below. We hope to see you there for this experience and many more surprises. Click here to view Oru GEC Veeragadha
warm regards…
Dr. Sumam K S
Alumni Secretary
Govt Engg College Trichur