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Government Engineering College, Thrissur (GECT) is located at the cultural capital of Kerala, provides quality technical education to improve the knowledge of students. This is achieved through the faculty up gradation, giving placement assistance, providing opportunities for extracurricular development and updating the students with latest technical developments in the related fields. GECT is also focussed on the development of facilities while imparting technical education and continual improvement. The institution aims to transform the talented youth to competent engineers through a system of efficient engineering education that will enable them to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of modern technologies at the national and global levels for the welfare of humanity and mother Earth.

            The open stage, renovated with the help of alumni association of GEC was inaugurated on 14th February and the stage was named as “Nadumuttam” (The Courtyard). The inaugural address was delivered by Dr.Vijaya Kumar, Director, Department of Technical Education, Kerala.

College was affiliated to the Kochi University for the Batches of 1976, 77 and 78 admissions. These batch mates have formed a group, TEC CUSAT and has decided to work together to support the college. The first project completed was renovation of the open stage at the main building. This was the place of many cultural activities during the college days of these batches. This stage was built in 1976, when the first batch of this group was admitted. The new stage and the open space in front was named ‘ Nadumuttam’. It was dedicated to the college on 14th February 2016. The project is worth 14.5 lakhs.  

nadumuttam1 nadumuttam3

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