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To make the department of Chemical Engineering a centre of excellence in Chemical Engineering and allied fields giving thrust to research and consultancy activities.

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To provide students with unique academic foundation on which to continue developing intellectual capacity and the scholarly training needed to address complex problems in Chemical Engineering with emphasis on interdisciplinary fields.

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M.Tech (Process Control)

Programme Educational Objectives

M.Tech in Process control program focuses on the application of basic science and chemical engineering to Process control.

The program prepares graduates who:

PEO-I: Have a sound knowledge base and skill sets to develop and expand professional careers in fields to chemical process control and instrumentation, computerized control systems and management of industrial processes.

PEO-II: Are well- rounded individuals with strong personal skills and competent in communication and presentation be able to work I team environments and with a strong sense of professionalism.

PEO- III: Have an aptitude for engineering applications and be immediately productive at workplace after graduation.

PEO- IV: Have commitment to research, professional development and lifelong learning.

Programme Outcomes

Graduates will

  1. Have an appropriate mastery of knowledge in the field of Chemical Engineering and Process Control.
  2. Be able to apply mathematics as a tool and the concepts of chemistry, physics and chemical engineering to identify, formulate and solve process control problems.
  3. Be proficient in the analysis, design, test and implementations of instrumentation and control systems utilizing appropriate software and hardware tools and devices.
  4. Be able to effectively communicate technical information and details verbally and in writing.
  5. Be able to conduct information searching and processing and develop the ability for self-learning.
  6. Be able to plan and execute chemical engineering project works to achieve the expected goals.
  7. Be able to find professional level employment and /or pursue research.
  8. Be able to understand and uphold professional, ethical and social responsibilities.
  9. Develop innovative and entrepreneurial skills.


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Dr. Subin Poulose




Prof. Manoj N.