College Bus has been scheduled on KTU examination day . ICETEST 2020- International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering Science and Technology - 10th to 12th December 2020


To be a Premier Institution of Excellence in Engineering Education and Research for Sustainable Development.


i.Provide Quality Education in Engineering and Technology
ii.Foster Passion for Research
iii.Transform the Students into Committed Technical Personnel for the Social and Economic Wellbeing of the Nation

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FSDTC Faculty and Staff Development Training Centre




The Faculty and Staff Development Training Centre (FSDTC) was set up in July 2012 to  provide a suitable platform for personal, academic and professional development for the faculty members and the supporting staff of the engineering colleges and polytechnic Colleges in Kerala. FSDTC strives to enhance and strengthen the teaching-learning process by inculcating appropriate methodologies in the system.  Training programmes are meticulously planned for the supporting staff of engineering colleges and polytechnic colleges for the overall personal and professional development. Training programmes on knowledge management, communication skills, interpersonal skills, e – governance, stress management etc are organized by the centre.  FSDTC plans around 12 to 15 programmes every academic year subject to fund availability. The plan of programmes for an academic year is prepared and published at the beginning of the year. Dr. Manjith Kumar B, Associate Professor, Department of Production Engineering is the coordinator of the FSDTC.