Non-Engineering Departments


Located in the western wing of the main block of the College, Department of Physics has a rare distinction of being one of the oldest departments of the college.

Physics, the fundamental building block of all disciplines of Engineering has a pivotal role in the development of engineering solutions to contemporary problems in the physical sciences by applying fundamental principles. It is not confined to a particular discipline of Engineering but a thread weaved through the whole technological domain. Engineering Physics provide a thorough grounding in the realm of Modern Optics, Quantum Physics, Superconductivity, Acoustics, Crystallography, Semiconductor physics and Nanotechnology.

The experimental methods followed in the Physics lab opens up a new arena for the budding Engineers to start and proceed with manual measurement practices that naturally enhance their dexterity which is an essential skill requirement for their advanced technical procedures.



No. Name Designation Contact Details
1Dr. Raghu OAssociate Professor and HOD9946787187
2Vasanthakumar E.GAssistant
3Rajesh P. M.Assistant
4Ramesh V. R.Assistant
5Prasanth PAssistant
6Athira KAssistant Professor9495277155
7Ajayakumar C. V.Non Technical Attender9656333335

Facilities available in the Department :

  • Measurement of numerical aperture and attenuation in optical fibers
  • Determination of specific rotatory power and purity of optically active liquids
  • Measurement of thickness of thin films, papers and diameter of very thin wires
  • Refractive Indices of transparent liquids (Interference method)
  • Spectrum analysis using spectrometer
  • Study of characteristics of Transistors, Zener diodes,LED and solar cells
  • Acoustic Grating studies using Ultrasonic Diffractometer
  • Study of vibrations in transverse and longitudinal modes
  • Polarization studies with quartz Prism