Department Vision

To evolve into a centre of excellence in Mechanical Engineering education and research for a fulfilling profession and social life.

Department Mission

To transform youth into competent and socially responsible mechanical engineers by providing quality education that equips them to effectively cater to the demands and challenges of modern-day technology at the national and global levels for the welfare of humanity and Mother Earth.

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Mechanical Engineering Department

No. Name Designation Contact Details
1Dr. V. LijoProfessor and
2Dr. Ramesh
4E S RamasubramaniamAssociate
5Dr. Rajesh
6Dr. L
7Dr. Ambilikumar C
8Dr. Sajith
9Dr. K K
10Dr. Sajan M PAssociate
11Dr. Pramode Das KAssociate
12Dr. Sandhya
13Dr. Mubarak A
14Dr. Bindu M DAssociate
15Jayee K VargheseAssociate
16Dr. Manmohan C.MAssociate
17Manoj P.J.Associate
18Tennison K. JoseAssistant Professor
19Dr. Sunil JeromeAssistant
20Rahul.K.RAssistant Professor
22Bijesh RAssistant
23Anwar SadiqueAssistant
24Karun V GopalAssistant
25Prasanth A BAssistant
26Renjith V BAssistant
27Jerry Davis TAssistant
28Devanand C NAssistant
29Ajayavarma KAssistant
30Rahul N UAssistant
31Ajith C MenonAssistant Professor
32Akhil DevarajAssistant
33Arun Raj A CAssistant Professor
34Sahid IAssistant
35Dr.Madhusoodanan M RAssistant
36Sreekumar CRassistant
37Vivek Massistant
38Anu Prasad V AInstructor grade
39 Mahesh T AInstructor Grade
40Libu KumarWorkshop Instructor (Heat engine lab)
41Vijeesh M GWorkshop Instructor (PG Lab)
42Remesh Gworkshop instructor (FM lab)
43Kannan P STrade Instructor Sr. Grade 1 (CAD lab)
44Shaji T A Trade Instructor Sr. Grade 1 (Carpentry)
45Musthafa M MTrade Instructor (FM lab)
46Nijalal M NTrade instructor (Heat engine lab)
47Sijimon K PTrade instructor Sr.
48Kishore kumar M PTrade instructor Sr. Grade (Fitting)
49Narendranath PTrade Instructor Grade II (Heat engine lab)
50Joseph M GTrade instructor Sr.Grade (PG lab)
51Sunil kumar C ATrade instructor (Welding)
52Jayan T DTrade instructor (Fitting)
53Bijukumar P ATrade instructor (Smithy)
54Sasikumar A STrade instructor (Heat engine lab)
55Lekha TTrade Instructor (Foundry)
56Syamkumar GopalakrishnanTrade Instructor Grade 2 (Manufacturing
57Viswam T GTrade Instructor Grade 2 (Turning)
58Mahinth V BTrade instructor (Heat engine lab)
59Damian P DTrade instructor (foundry)
60Praveen T MTrade instructor (sheet metal)
61Robin AmbroseTrade instructor (Carpentry)
62Anilkumar GTrade Instructor (Manufacturing technology lab 2 )
63Jeleshmon P PTrade instructor (Smithy)
64Ambujakshan STradesman (Sheet metal)
65Dinoop J KavalakkattTradesman (Manufacturing technology lab 2)
66Sujish M STradesman (Manufacturing technology lab 2)
67Thilip Nirmal JTradesman (Foundry)
68Shiju K VTradesman (Foundry)
69LeogeorgeTradesman (Manufacturing technology lab 1)
70Abdul Anshad Monsha T VTradesman (Smithy)
71Girish M MTradesman(welding)
72Vinod BTradesman (Fitting)
73Seethi KTradesman (Plumbing)
74Anoop N KTrademan (Machinist)