ISO 9001


  • Implementation and maintenance of quality management systems and objective evidence to substantiate it was assessed.
  • Conducts of classes are carried out as per plans and conformity to standards requirements are evidenced.
  • The need and expectation of customers are well understood through regular interaction with students , PTA meetings and student feedback processes and these are reviewed in periodic meetings
  • The institution has taken measures to ensure that the student assessment is consistent with the evaluations, ensures equipments are available and used for teaching and assessing of the courses and examinations with proper reference to correct and latest syllabus.
  • Institution has got weak students identification programme and remedial classes for improving them.
  • Availability and validity of documents pertaining to affiliation of universities, approvals by AICTE and accreditations was ensured.
  • Campus has sufficient infrastructure facilities in terms of class rooms, library, laboratories, workshops, seminar halls, auditorium, hostel and amenities
  • Institution has planned and implemented adequate resources required for the smooth functioning of activities and continual improvement.
  • Adequate monitoring and controlling of the defined process characteristics evidenced across the institution.
  • Institution has documented procedures for corrections, corrective actions and preventive actions. Non conformances observed during previous internal audits are closed.
  • Internal quality audits are conducted promptly once in six months and institution has adequate trained internal quality auditors.
  • Management review meetings are promptly organized once in six months and records indicate discussion of all points as per planned agenda and review records are reliable and effective.
  • Quality objectives are formed and monitored for continual improvement.
  • Institution has established and maintained a documented quality management system as a means of ensuring that services conform to specified requirements.
  • Opportunities for improvement could be identified in certain areas .