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Dr.Manesh K K
Department: Mechanical
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Qualifcation:M Tech(Manufacturing Technology).PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Telephone: 0487 2449484
Professional Experience:Joint in Technical Education Dept. as Lecturer on 07/06/1999. Presently working as Associate Professor from 05/06/2009 onwards.
Interests:Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Fluid Power systems, Surface Metrology, Micro machining, Mechatronics.
Publications:Two international Journals, One online journal, four international conferences and two national conferences.
Research/Consultancy:Research Seed Money from CERD, Govt. of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, for the Research and development work in Micro EDM.
Additional Responsibilities: A. Institution/Dept. Level: 1. Faculty - in- charge of INNOVATION CENTRE 2. PG Accreditation Coordinator 3. PG Programme (M. Tech in Production Engg.) Course Coordinator 4. Faculty - in - Charge of PG (Production Engg.) Laboratory B. Calicut University: 1. Member, board of studies for Mechanical Engg. 2. Member, board of studies for Aeronautical Engg. 3. The Chairman, Examination Board for M. Tech in Computer Integrated Manufacturing.