Department Vision

To evolve into a centre of excellence in technology assimilation, dissemination and research.

Department Mission

To transform youth into committed technical personnel with research attitude, sound technical knowledge and managerial skills by imparting quality education

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M.Tech (Manufacturing Systems Management)


  1. To mould the students with global standards, for successful career in manufacturing sector that meet the needs of industry.
  2. To provide a firm grounding and motivating for a lifelong learning in the various aspects of manufacturing systems and their management consisting of operations, systems, processes, strategy, quality, safety, energy, information and product design
  3. To provide knowledge related to collection and analysis of data and subsequent decision making consisting of strategic, tactical and operational decisions.
  4. To provide a strong research base for doing research in the area of manufacturing and management and thereby finding solutions to real world problems of manufacturing organizations.
  5. To provide adequate knowledge and skills for the design and development of products and processes which meet the current demand of the industry.
  6. To develop multifaceted capabilities of advanced computing techniques for the design and analysis of manufacturing systems.
  7. To impart awareness of professional ethics and codes of professional practice with commitment towards social responsibility and sustainable development.
  8. To produce an innovative engineer-manager with real modern industrial problem solving capabilities who in turn can take up entrepreneurship capabilities.



Students of M.Tech (Manufacturing Systems Management) programme should at the time of their post graduation be in possession of:

  1. Ability to apply mathematical and engineering knowledge to identify and solve real problems of manufacturing organizations.
  2. Ability to analyse the problems of the manufacturing sector on contemporary issues and identify research opportunities and do research using proven methodologies.
  3. Ability to design and develop solutions with regard to a productive manufacturing system or a product which fulfils customers real requirements through total quality management and intergraded product development approaches and managing its lifecycle.
  4. Ability to conduct investigations on complex problems of manufacturing organisations by the use and analysis of data and experimental methods for improving productivity.
  5. Capacity to understand the modern tools and their applications in advanced manufacturing systems, automation, and modeling of such systems and to attain an appropriate mastery of the knowledge, techniques, skills of the discipline
  6. Understand the society and thereby the social responsibility of the engineer and execute their role as regards the manufacturing scenario.
  7. Ability to create an environment friendly, ergonomically designed, safe workplace within a sustainable manufacturing system by assuring the reliability of equipments and optimal usage of valuable energy resources.
  8. Understand of ethics and values of the profession and contribute towards the objectives of the organization.
  9. Ability to do a multidisciplinary work as individual and as a team for formulating strategies and manage operations in a fully automated environment, supply chains quality, and enterprise resources.
  10. Capacity to communicate effectively and professionally in both verbal and written
  11. Develop innovative and entrepreneurial skills to manage a manufacturing organization independently by managing the other important functions consisting of projects, finance, marketing and human resources.
  12. Graduate will be capable of self education and realize the value of lifelong learning by constantly adopting to the technological changes in manufacturing systems
  13. Ability to critically observe the outcomes of a manufacturing organization, take corrective actions, through a process of independent and reflective learning


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PG Coordinator : Dr. Satish K P