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Dr. Anto Francis K.
Associate Professor in Geology

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No. Description Category Year of Publishing
1Evolution of granulite blocks of Southern India and their relation to the East Gondwana continentInternational Journal19996
2Timing of UHT metamorphism and cooling in south Indian granulites: New P-T-t results from a sapphirine granuliteInternational Journal2022
3Vestiges of ultra-high pressure granulite metamorphism from Kambam valley, Tamil Nadu; Evidence for deep crustal burial and tectonic unroofing from Madurai block, southern India.National Journal2007
4Fluid inclusions from granulite grade lithologies of Kambam valley, Tamil Nadu and their constraints on the metamorphic history of southern granulite terrain, South India.National Journal1998
5Metamorphic evolution of calc-silicate lithologies from Kambam valley, Tamil Nadu and its implication for the evolution of southern granulites terrainNational Journal1997
6A new sapphirine occurrence from Kambam valley, Tamil Nadu and its possible relation to the Pan-African tectonothermal eventNational Journal1997