Industrial consultancy is one of the modes through which the faculty maintains contact with the latest development in technology. Continuing Education Centre (CEC) is set up to promote Continuing Education programs and to undertake Industrial Consultancy assignments. The Centre is now consultant to various central/state Government and private organizations carrying out Structural design, soil Investigation, Geoinformatics, Architectural design, Hydraulic design, Heat transfer analysis and various other consultancy projects. The specific objectives of the Centre are as follows:

(a) To channelize the specialized technical competence and expertise of the faculty and staff of the Institute for Industrial Consultancy.. 

(b) To act as a link between the Institute and Industry to enable the state-of-the-art testing facilities available at various laboratories to be effectively utilized for the growth and development of the Industry in the region.

(c) To share expertise with the industry in development, fabrication and design of modern processes, machines and devices. 

(d) To conduct training for professionals and students so as to enable them to cop up with the fast changing technological environment.

The functioning of the centre is governed by the Institutional Programme Implementation Unit (IPIU). Dr. Subaida E.A. Professor, Department of Civil Engineering is the faculty in charge of the centre.