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Dr. Suresh K. Damodaran
Associate Professor
Electrical & Electronics

Ph D in Power Systems Engineering
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No. Description Category Year of Publishing
1Hydro-Thermal-Wind Generation Scheduling Considering Economic and Environmental Factors Using Heuristic AlgorithmsInternational Journal2018
2Combined Economic and Emission Short-Term Hydrothermal Scheduling using Particle Swarm OptimisationInternational Journal2015
3Optimal Environmental Economic Dispatch Using a Classical TechniqueInternational Journal2014


No. Description Category Year of Publishing
1Efficient operation of distribution system using optimal DG placementInternational Conference2019
2Economic and Emission Generation Scheduling of Thermal Power Plant Incorporating Wind EnergyInternational Conference2017
3Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Using a Classical TechniqueInternational Conference2014
4Application of Particle Swarm Optimization for the turning of PID Controller in AVR SystemNational Conference2010
5Genetic Algorithm Based Controller Tuning for Load Frequency Control in Two Area Power SystemsNational Conference2009
6Particle Swarm Optimization for Combined Emission and Economic Dispatch Problem Considering the Generator ConstraintsNational Conference2006