The Parent Teacher Association is actively involved in aiding smooth functioning of the college. The objectives of the association are:


To work for the welfare of the students and of the institution and to offer constructive suggestions for the smooth and successful functioning of the college.


To promote better participation of the parents in the various programmes of the college and to establish better liaison with teachers.

All parents/guardians of the students on the rolls of the college and members of teaching faculty of the college are members of the association It is compulsory for a parent/guardian of a student on the rolls of the college to be a member of the Parent Teacher Association.

PTA Executive Committee

The noteworthy achievements/ activities of the association that require special mention are:

  • The three-storied library building in the college campus.
  • A major project currently in progress is the New Millenium Auditorium sponsored jointly by The PTA and Alumni Association which is nearing completion.
  • Purchase of a college bus.
  • Financial support to augment the Central Computing Facility Centre.
  • Distribution of Bar Coded Identity card to all students.