Department Vision

To evolve into a centre of excellence in Mechanical Engineering education and research for a fulfilling profession and social life.

Department Mission

To transform youth into competent and socially responsible mechanical engineers by providing quality education that equips them to effectively cater to the demands and challenges of modern-day technology at the national and global levels for the welfare of humanity and Mother Earth.

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Ph.D Programme

Sl No Name of Student Research Supervisor Year of Admission Status
1  BIJU P.L.  Dr. SHALIJ P.R.*  2012 Completed
2  SIJO M.T  Dr. JAYADEVAN K.R.  2013 In progress
3  ABDUL SAMAD P.A  Dr. SHALIJ P.R.*  2013 In progress
4  MANMOHAN C.M.  Dr. SHALIJ P.R.*  2013 In progress 
5  RAJESH MENON B.  Dr. SHALIJ P.R.*  2013 In progress 
6  RAMADAS T.  Dr. SATISH K.P.*  2013 Submitted
7  PRADEEP M.  Dr. SATISH K.P.*  2013 In progress 
8  PARAMESWARAN M.  Dr. SHALIJ P.R.*  2013 In progress 
9  GOPINATHAN P.V  Dr. SATISH K.P.*  2013 In progress 
10  RAMKUMAR P.N.  Dr. SATISH K.P.*  2013 In progress 
11  MOHAMED IQBAL C.  Dr. SHALIJ P.R.  2013 In progress 
12 ANU P.ANIL  Dr. SATISH K.P.  2014 In progress 
13  SAJAN M.P  Dr. SHALIJ P.R.*  2014 In progress 
14  SAM JOSHY  Dr. JAYADEVAN K.R.  2014 In progress 
15  SAGAR M.NARAYANAN  Dr. PRADEEP M.KAMATH  2014 In progress 
16  AYUSH K.R.  Dr. PRADEEP M.KAMATH  2014 In progress 
17  MARY C.KURIAN  Dr. SHALIJ P.R.*  2014 In progress
18  JAYADEVAN.P.C  Dr. PRADEEP M.KAMATH  2015 In progress 
19 VINAY KRISHNAN U Dr. SUDHEESH R S 2015 In progress
20 TIGY VARUGHESE  Dr. JITHESH.P.K  2016 In progress 
21 MANOJ P J Dr.LIJO V 2020 In progress
  • Approved Research centre – Mechanical Engineering Department