Department Vision

To evolve into a centre of excellence in Mechanical Engineering education and research for a fulfilling profession and social life.

Department Mission

To transform talented youth into competent and socially responsible mechanical engineers by providing quality education that equips them to effectively cater to the demands and challenges of modern-day technology at the national and global levels for the welfare of humanity and Mother Earth.

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B.Tech Degree course in Mechanical Engineering

Programme Educational Objectives

Programme Outcomes & Programme Specific Outcomes


Calicut University: 2009
Calicut University: 2014
Sem. 1 and 2
Sems. 3-8
Curriculum:Sem. 1 and 2
Curriculum:Sems 3-8

Syllabus:Sem. 3

Students List B.Tech


Year of Admission Group Tutors Student List (Download)
Semester I   Prof. C M Manmohan 

 Dr. L Rekha
  A Batch

Prof. Tennison  K Jose
Prof. Arun M S

 B Batch
 Semester III

 Prof. Sajith C S


Prof. Rahul K R

A Batch

Prof. Anwar Sadique


Prof. Jibi K K 

B Batch

 Semester V

Prof. Manoj P J                                  & 

Prof. Mahipal D

 A Batch  

Dr. Pradeep M Kamath                      &                                           Prof. Sunil Jerome

 B Batch 
Semester VII

Prof. Abdul Samad P A &

Dr. Lalu P P

 A Batch
Prof. Aneez Hydar

Prof. Sunil A S
B Batch