HE Lab  

Faculty in Charge:

Prof. Abdul Samad P A

Staff in Charge:

Mr. Unnikrishnan

Technical Staff

  1. Nijalal K A
  2. Peethambaran  C T
  3. Bijumon Vannarath
  4. Narendranath P

List of Experiments

  1. Load Test on Horizontal Ruston Engine
  2. Heat Balance Test on Horizontal Ruston Engine
  3. Load Test on Three Cylinder Petrol Engine
  4. Morse Test on Three cylinder Petrol Engine
  5. Load Test on Perkin’s Diesel Engine
  6. Valve Timing Diagram
  7. Load Test on Mitsubishi Engine
  8. Load Test on single cylinder Kirloskar Vertical Engine
  9. Cooling Curve
  10. Retardation Test
  11. Flash and Fire Point test Rig
  12. Viscometer Test Rig
  13. Forced Convection Apparatus
  14. Air compressor Test rig
  15. Heat Exchanger