Program Educational Objectives
PEO-1: Develop technical expertise to formulate and solve real world problems as contributing members of engineering teams through application of fundamental knowledge in engineering analysis and design.
Aim to sharpen engineering skills and analytical capabilities to solve real world problems as individuals and team members.

PEO-2: Function effectively as engineering professionals in industry, government or other organizations, by designing, improving, leading, and implementing efficient mechanical engineering
practices,and managing these activities,thereby contributing to the society.
Aim to develop management skills and ability to analyze complex problems by designing products, procedures, tools, ideas and techniques to meet the needs of industries to shape successful career and thereby contribute to the society.

PEO-3: Build up adequate knowledge in respective domain with the aim to contribute towards its development through research, thus enhancing professional and national growth.
Aims to encourage lifelong learning by actively engaging in research and development and contribute to the relevant domain.

PEO-4: Adapt to the national and global work environment with high regard to societal needs, diversity, environment, constraints and ethical responsibilities in the professional workplace.
Aim to provide awareness about the national and global working environments and to develop social, economical, environmental, and ethical concern.