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i.Provide Quality Education in Engineering and Technology
ii.Foster Passion for Research
iii.Transform the Students into Committed Technical Personnel for the Social and Economic Wellbeing of the Nation

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TBI Technology Business Incubator

Product Launch


The UCOM Stick

As the number of stray dog attacks increases day by day, this nuisance is making life hard for locals as well as the pedestrians. Infusory Designs, a college Startup company by students, found an effective solution to this menace- The UCOM Stick. UCOM – Your Ultimate Companion stick, is a simple, extendable strong pipe-like stick made of stainless steel with different functionalities used to fight against the increasing dog menace. 

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VIRUZID UV BOX-EstroTech Robotics


The VIRUZID UV BOX is a free-standing, modular unit ideal for hospitals, offices, shops, isolation wards, nurse station, Intensive Care Unit and patient room. We provide high-quality variance ensuring regulatory compliance and consumable traceability. The chamber is designed to be minimal and intuitive allowing is of use for users. Effective against a wide range of micro-organisms and viruses, Viruzid provides an efficient decontamination solution for clinical as well as domestic needs. The decontamination chamber is a viable addition to facilities that provides services midst of an infectious outbreak. Built-in compliance with global medical standards, Viruzid offers a robust sanitizing solution for homes and offices. Unlike conventional modes of sterilization, Viruzid is not harmful to the environment or leave behind any chemical residue. The technology can be used for safe decontamination of facial masks, wallets, currency, fruits, vegetables and household utensils. In the office setting the chamber is useful for disinfection of mails, documents and stationary. Viruzid has been demonstrated to show 3 log reduction of pathogens in a short period of time. In a controlled environment, the chamber can provide up to hundred percent sterilization.

Voice Amplifier (Mask plug-in)-QNAYDS

A voice amplifier used as a mask plug-in to provide stress free communication with its usage. The amplifier generally helps doctors, nurses, health-care workers, teachers and so on, for easy interaction and talk and convey without any communication barrier.

  • Fixable on any mask
  • weight less than 25g
  • Aesthetic design
  • Handy
  • 5 hrs+ battery backup
  • 10m audio range