To be a Premier Institution of Excellence in Engineering Education and Research for Sustainable Development.


i.Provide Quality Education in Engineering and Technology
ii.Foster Passion for Research
iii.Transform the Students into Committed Technical Personnel for the Social and Economic Wellbeing of the Nation

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TBI Technology Business Incubator




Infusory Designs, introducing High-Tech workshops for all those geeks out there. The start up mainly focuses on organizing training sessions and events on the latest, most advanced and current trending technologies in the field of engineering.
It’s with great pleasure that we introduce this opportunity for all those creative minds, irrespective of their field of study, to get their innovative minds on work. 
We are also keen in taking up responsibility in social issues, which in turn resulted in the launch of Ucom, our new stray dog repellent stick!
Join the team! And create your own springboard!

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LogoDo-NAMs Innovations

Do-NAMs Innovations is a start up by 3 young Engineers having a combined experience of more than 25 years. Our effort will be to study the need in Education and Renewable energy domian to provide advanced technology based solutions to improve the quality of living of common man. Our vision I sto give back useful  products to the society from which we derived our knowledge and expereince. We at Do-NAMs belive that all innovations are output of passionate efforts till achieving the goal, so we are confident in delivering quality products for the society. Read more


Inventing Imagination
Inventing Imagination
We can make a better world for everyone by using technology and creativity. Thats what we are working for.
Founder& Director
Sajith surendran
  • Talkie- VoIP PBX Product
  • FREEDOM-FOSS Service
  • MATRIX- Password secutiy
  • FOSS Consultancy
 VMAS Technologies
VMAS Technologies
VMAS Technologies started with the aim of pioneering in Video Media Access Systems.
Exploring Area:
VMAS technologies is going to explore technology in Display systems, IOT and Home Automation.
VMAS Technology is aiming the Indian and Middle east market.
  Care Pact  CarePact is a Healthcare Supply Chain Company, offering procure-to-pay solutions and supply chain analytics to healthcare providers. We aim to be a nationwide value chain support system for healthcare industry by being transparent while aggressively working to promote openness, accountability, and the highest ethical standards in business practices. CarePact brings together trusted leaders focused on resolving challenges faced by healthcare practitioners to boost quality and improve business by delivering exceptional, cost effective care. Our State-of-the-art analytical and sourcing platform helps to gain cost advantage, high quality products, manage patient impact, and connect the best minds in health care.
REED ENTERPRISE  REED stands for Rehabilitation Enhancement Equipment Design. The firm mainly deals with design,  development, manufacturing and marketing of assistive equipment. We are a group of passionate youngsters aiming to be the pioneer of assistive technology.
We aim at providing best quality, best utilizable rehabilitation equipment at the best price. Our design team consists of most passionate engineers belonging to all branches working in
collaboration with some doctors dealing with the human assistance programmes. We have a developing chain of marketing and supply chain executives throughout the state of Kerala.

Our products include Easymover (the cerebral palsy walking aid), HandAssister (the hand supporter for patients with loco motor problems), RehabChair(the physiotherapy chair for stroke patients),

LEAD (Bed cum wheelchair with lavatory and body cleansing facility) and MPex( exoskeleton for people who cannot walk).

With us disability is no more a limitation. We are Don Paul, Vishnu K S and Sooraj C. Mail us at:


CRABWRIST TECHNOLOGIES aims at development of advanced automation technologies. We design, develop and market the various automation technologies on various fields.

               We aim to reduce the prices of automation technologies and make them more accessible.  We are a team of passionate designers and engineers belonging to all branches. We have been involved in the development advanced robotic arm enhanced with image processing capabilities. We already build product on home automation and voice reorganization.

               The world that we live progress so fast that demands advanced automation technologies to assist the manufacturing of high quality products. We see the automation technologies as a fundamental building block of every manufacturing process. We aspire to be one of the most reputed automation technology companies in the world.