Department Vision

To become a nationally acclaimed Department of higher learning and research that will serve as a source of knowledge and expertise in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Department Mission

1. To provide quality education in the area of Electronics and Communication Engineering, for producing innovative and ethically driven professionals adept at dealing with a globally competitive environment, for the welfare of the nation.
2. To inculcate inquisitiveness in young graduates thereby persuading them to undertake research in emerging areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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Electronic Circuit Laboratory

Along with equipment and components for the conduct of academic experiments, the circuit lab hosts an L.C.R meter, IC testers to make measurements of various passive circuit components, and testing analogue ICs.


Communication Engineering Laboratory

In addition to standard lab equipment for UG academics Lab, the Communication Lab has equipment like arbitrary function generator, spectrum analyser, D.S.Oetc.


VLSI and Embedded Systems Laboratory

The VLSI and Embedded Systems Lab is equipped with all the facilities that students need to complete their course and project works. The computers are equipped with industry standard software like Xilinx, Tanner EDA etc. The lab also has numerous FPGAs, development kits and other hardware related to VLSI and embedded systems


Design Studio and Workshop

The lab has facilities for complete development of PCBs, Soldering stations, and component and equipment-study for the purpose of academic workshop


Computer Laboratory

The Computer Lab contains 24 computers with internet connectivity and hardware such as DSP Starter Kits, Embedded Trainer Kits, ADC, DAC etc. In addition, it also has a scanner and printer available for student use.


Digital Electronics Laboratory

Experiment set up with trainer-kits, separate function generators, CROs, Spectrum analyzers etc are provided for the academic experiments.


Microwave Laboratory and Telematics Laboratory

The microwave lab is equipped with various microwave devices and equipment to meet the course requirement. The lab also hosts a microwave power meter which can measure electrical power at microwave frequencies.


Research laboratory

The research lab is equipped with essential facilities required to conduct research projects in Communication and Signal Processing areas. It has sophisticated hardware like WICOMM-T Digital Wireless Communication Training System, C6000 Image Development Kit, DM6437 Digital Video Development Kit and industry standard software like HFSS, MATLAB, Labview,CCStudio etc.

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