Be a centre of excellence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering having strong learning and research environment, capable of making significant contributions for sustainable development.


To generate world-class engineers to meet challenges in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering through innovations and pursuit of new knowledge and make them ethically sound and professionally competent to provide service to the society.

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Eminent Alumni

We are blessed with our ALUMNI like


Former ISRO Chairman Dr. K Radhakrishnan

tessy thomas

Missile woman of India Dr. Tessy Thomas

–Former Chief Electrical Inspector –  Er. K.K.unni

–Vice President of Sony Ericson (Bangalore) – Er. Vidya Sagaran

–Famous author –  Er. Anand Neelakantan

–Wipro General Manager – Er. M.C. Davis

–General Manager, NEST – Er. Sasikumar Prabhu

–Many top positions in multi national companies  and various research organizations like  BARC, NTPC, DRDO, ISRO, IOC ………