Electrical Laboratories

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The Electrical Department of Government Engineering College, Thrissur is well equipped with laboratories for learning, testing and measurement facilities. The department consists of mainly eight laboratories listed below under the guidance of well experienced teachers and lab staff.


Computer Lab

Computer Lab is Equipped with 50 computers for conducting laboratory sessions for various courses in B Tech and M Teh programmes . 

Available software



Mi Power

 Electrical Workshop

This is the basic lab that supports the study of beginners in engineering. The workshop store consists of common electrical devices & tools and various models of insulators, lightning arrestors, different types of lamps, megger etc. By means of these experiments, the student obtains the basic knowledge of connecting conductors, wiring different circuits etc.  These experiments help to provide them the base they require as electrical engineers.

 Electrical Measurements Lab

Basic Electrical Engg. Lab is to offer the xperiments related to various Theorems, characteristics etc. Of Electrical circuits. This lab is involved in all areas of study, related to measurement and calibration. It is equipped with all measuring instruments, phase shifting transformers, bridge circuits and induction coils. Here, in this lab, students learn to calibrate the meters, verify theorems, understand hysteresis characteristics and other important concepts related to metering.


  Electronics Lab

The Analog & Digital Electronic Lab has been designed to help students to understand the working of timer circuits, counters and basic components like transistors, diodes etc. and it also offers the students better acquaintance with programming language of microprocessors. The Lab is well equipped with Waveform generators, DC suppliers, Clock generator, Programmers and Signal Analyzers. Analysis and working of analog and digital circuits including FPGAs make the students competent enough to work with modern day electronic systems.

  •  FPGA Trainer Kit (1 No)
  • CPLD Trainer Kit (1 No)
  • PICC Trainer Kit (1 No)
  • ATMEGA Trainer Kit (1 No)
  • Xilinx ISE WebPackage (6.1)

    Electrical Machines Lab

The Machines lab of Government Engineering College, Thrissur, is considered one of the best of its kind in Kerala. The lab is equipped with all types of AC and DC machines mainly covered in the B Tech curriculum. Through hands-on experiments with real machines, students gain practical experience in using various AC & DC motors, alternators, transformers, starters etc. Presently, 29 various types of experiments related to electrical machinery like Load test, Brake test, Loss separation, and OC and SC characteristics are done in this Lab.

   Advanced Electrical Engineering Lab

The Advanced Electrical Lab is where the final year students do their experiments on various. The major equipments include:

  • PID controller  – 1No
  • PLC trainer kit – 1No
  • AC servo motor – 1No.
  • Synchro – 1 No
  • Magnetic amplifier – 1 No
  • 8086 microprocessor 89c51 microcontroller kits -5 each
  • Data acquisition cards  – 4 Nos
  • DAC cards – 4 Nos
  • Universal Programmer – 1 No
  • DC motor – 1 No
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope- 1No
  • IDMT relay – 1No


  Power Electronics Lab

This Lab is meant for the PG students.  The major equipments include:

  • IGBT Intelligent Power Module based PWM controller for speed control of induction motor    – 2 Nos

  • AC – DC converter based DC motor controller set – 2 Nos
  • Thyristor Power Module – 1 No
  • TMS 320C6713 DSK set – 2 Nos
  • Chopper module – 1 No
  • Commuter based data acquisition system – 5 Nos
  • Microcontroller modules – 2 Nos
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope – 1
  • Analog oscilloscope – 5 Nos
  • Alternator – DC motor set – 2 Nos.
  • DSP Based induction motor drive system-1 No
  • DSP Based BLDC motor drive System-1 No


   Power Systems Lab

This laboratory is our Computer laboratory equipped with 25 desktop computers and the hub. Students can use the lab any time for their research and simulation purpose and can access the internet for more assistance. The lab also has the seating capacity of 150 with enough requirements to conduct seminars, smart classes and workshops. It has LAN connected 30 nodes of  computers. Also there is internet connection to the computers and LCD projector facility to engage simulation classes in this lab.

Simulation  software of : 

  • Matlab
  • PSpice
  • Mipower

  Research and  Testing Lab:

Available facilities

  •  Power Quality Analyser (1 No)
  • HV Transformer (1 No)
  • Sphere gap  arrangement (No)
  • Insulation Tester (1No)
  • Scope Meter (1 No)
  • Micro ohm meter (1 No)
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope (4 Nos)