Be a centre of excellence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering having strong learning and research environment, capable of making significant contributions for sustainable development.


To generate world-class engineers to meet challenges in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering through innovations and pursuit of new knowledge and make them ethically sound and professionally competent to provide service to the society.

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Electrical Engineering Department Faculty

No. Name Designation Contact Details
1Dr. E. A. JasminProfessor and
2Dr. Manju
3Dr. Jaison
4 Dr. Jiji K.S.Associate
5Dr. Abdul Saleem P.KAssociate
6Dr. Ramesh Kumar P.Associate Professor
7Dr. Bindumol E. K.Associate
8Dr. Sunila M.SAssociate Professor
9Dr. Suresh K. DamodaranAssociate
10Dr. Suhara E.M.Associate
11Dr.Uma SyamkumarAssociate.
12Dr. Rajesh K.Associate
13Jose Sebastian T.KAssociate
14T.G. SanishkumarAssociate Professor (NC)
15K.N.ChandraboseAssociate Professor (NC)
16Subadhra P. R.Associate Professor (NC)
17Binitha Joseph MampillyAssociate Professor (NC)
18Laly M.J.Associate Professor (NC)
19Haryhar A.S.Associate Professor (NC)
20Nevin Jacob K.Assistant Professor
21Binoy B. B.Asst. Professor (Deputation under QIP for Ph. D.)
22Nisha G. PoothullilAsst.
23Jayasoorya J.Asst. Professor (Deputation under QIP for PhD)
24Lalgy GopiAsst.
25Midhu Das BAsst.
26Sreenath BAsst.
27Aswathy VAssistant
28Vipin A MAssistant
29Mohammed Shareeq M TAssistant
30Jeena JohnAssistant
31Bijo Lawrence TAssistant
32Nimi N PAssistant
33Anu Jayan Assistant
37Dr. NIRMAL SAdhoc
38BABU E OInstructor
39Joju VargheseInstructor Grade
40Manoj Kumar M KWorkshop
41Pavithran S. R.Trade Instructor Sr.
42Saseendran K KTrade Instructor Grade
43Jayadev KTrade Instructor Grade
44Rajesh K BTrade
45Sheeja V MTrade Instructor Grade
46Sijo Davis V.Trade Instructor Grade
47Ashik ATrade Instructor Grade
48Difin C
49Liji T. N.Instrument
50Anisha P TTrade instructor Grade
51Sajan K RTrade instructor Grade
52Sheju M KTrade Instructor Grade
55Sabeer M.
57Soja R
58Sajeev T
59Santhosh A
60Aarsha Unni