Department Vision

To be a Department of Excellence in Civil Engineering Education and Research for Sustainable Infrastructure Development.

Department Mission

Provide Quality Education in Civil Engineering and Mould Committed and Competent Civil Engineers Capable of Contributing to Socio-Economic Well-being of the Nation.

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M.Tech (Environmental Engineering )

The Environmental Engineering Division under the Department of Civil Engineering started PG programme in Environmental Engineering with an intake of 18 in the year 1971.

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Programme Educational Objectives

  • To successfully equip  and educate the students with a firm foundation related to environment and its management, Environmental planning and design, environmental sustainability, waste management, water conservation and  management, Environmental impact Analysis, environmental monitoring, modelling, environmental biotechnology, Industrial water pollution control, ecology, green and clean technology, hazardous waste management etc. and problem solving skills to address contemporary  environmental issues
  • Enable students to apply their knowledge for the sustainable development of environment while working in their field of employment in organizations such as government agencies, industries, research organizations, policy making bodies etc.

  •  Imbibe in them the ability to promote ethical and professional values/ standards in their career and among the public in relation to protection of environment and sustainable development.

  • Enable them to maintain state of the art knowledge through lifelong learning by organizing and participating in continuing education programmes related to environmental sustainability.
  • Advance and support the engineering profession through student association/interaction with professional bodies, educational and research institutions etc. Also create potential to adapt the changing environment.
  • Motivate them to   respond to various issues in a global and social context

Program Outcomes

  • To apply knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, biological science and engineering to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems
  • To plan and design a system component/process to meet the desired needs of the society within economic, social, environmental, ethical and sustainability constraints
  • To design and conduct experiments and to analyze and interpret data efficiently
  • To identify, formulate and solve various environmental engineering problems and issues like pollution abatement, effective management of environmental resources and their development and application
  • To find professional level employment and /pursue higher degree
  • To understand, predict and quantify impacts of new projects and developments
  • To gain knowledge about contemporary issues and research challenges/opportunities
  • To use techniques/skills and modern engineering tools for engineering practice
  • To communicate effectively and professionally in written and oral form, individually and in teams