‘NANOFIBER’ Based Drinking Water Purification Technology
Prof. Benjamin S Hsiao of Stony Brook University USA gave an expert talk on the cost effective and simple technology by using ‘Nanofiber based filters’ for the purification of drinking water. This invited talk held on 20.1.2016 was organized by the Chemistry Dept. in association with Chemical & Civil Depts. of Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur. Prof. Benjamin exhibited the working of a sample of nanofibre based filter. It is a simplest technique and the user need to fill ordinary water in the bottle and close the lid attached with this nanofibre filter. The water coming out from the bottle is high quality drinking water. These filters can be used continuously for more than three months. The seminar was presided over by the Principal Dr. K.P. Indiradevi, welcome speech was delivered by Head of the Chemistry Dept. Prof. Tresa. Felicitation talks were delivered by Dr. K. R. Dayas, Former Director Of C-MET, and Dr. C. V. Krishnan, Prof. (Retd.) Stony Brook University USA. Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. P.A. Soloman, Head, Chemical Engineering Dept.