To be a Premier Institution of Excellence in Engineering Education and Research for Sustainable Development.


i.Provide Quality Education in Engineering and Technology
ii.Foster Passion for Research
iii.Transform the Students into Committed Technical Personnel for the Social and Economic Wellbeing of the Nation

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GEC Thrissur CCF

Download College Internet Usage Policy

Read the Internet Usage Policy carefully before availing the college connectivity

General Do’s

General Don’ts

  • Do respect the rule “That which is not expressively permitted is prohibited”.
  • Do use the internet only for academic related matter
  • Do check the information you access is accurate, complete and current.
  •  Do respect the legal protections to data and software provided by copyright and licenses.
  • Do inform the CCF in case of any unusual occurrence.
  •  Do contact the CCF in case of any Internet related problems.
  •  Do clean the browser history and cache periodically.
  •  Do sign off from captive portal when you are not using Internet or leaving the system.
  • Do not download content from Internet sites unless it is related to your work.
  •  Do not make any unauthorized entry into any computer or network.
  •  Do not represent yourself as another person. Do not share your password.
  •  Do not use Internet services to transmit confidential, political, threatening, obscene or harassing materials.
  •  Do not attach/transmit files through email which contains illegal/unauthorized materials.
  •  Do not use GEC Thrissur network for Peer to peer file sharing.
  •  Do not download any image/video/file which contain pornographic, racist, violence or any illegal activity.
  • Do not use Internet services to download movies/previews/Games.