Non-Engineering Departments

Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry was established in 1957 simultaneously with establishment of the College. Even though, the Department is not offering any course, it has been engaged in teaching chemistry to B. Tech and M. Tech students and providing intellectual support for their end semester projects. Faculty members are committed in inculcating the scientific interests and career objectives to engineering students. With the collaboration of various national research institutions, most of the Faculty members are engaged in research activities in the forefront areas of modern chemistry.

The Department is equipped with a Laboratory compatible for the B. Tech course requirements. The instrumentation facilities, which are constantly growing, will enable members of the Department to pursue research and can offer R&D consultancies.


No. Name Designation
1Tresa Gerard Majela V. L.Associate Professor & Head
2Dr. Shaju K. S.Assistant Professor
3Indira T.Assistant Professor
4Dr. Vinod P. RaphaelAssistant Professor
5Sherry SebastianAssistant Professor
6Umadevi T. U.Assistant Professor
7Vinodkumar I.Non-Technical Attender
8Antony C KNon Technical Attender